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Who is Roy Westfehling?

  • Industry Thought Leader
  • IT Strategist
  • Service Specialist
  • Motivator
  • Business Igniter
  • Marketer
  • Business Mentor
  • Speaker

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2018 Business and Investor Summit – Sandton Convention Centre

Roy Westfehling and JT Foxx Worlds Number 1 Wealth Coach and his CEO Damien Elston

Roy Westfehling on Stage with JT Foxx

Roy Westfehling and Patrice Motsepe

Roy Westfehling, CEO & Founder of Westech

Roy Westfehling and Ndada

Roy Westfehling with Randi Zuckerburg

Roy Westfehling on Stage at the 2017 National Achievers Congress in PTA

Roy Westfehling and Dr Duarte Da Silva

Roy Westfehling and Hugh Hilton of Hilton Hotels

Roy Westfehling Addressing 3000 people about Business Success

Roy Westfehling and Robert Kyiosaki (Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad)

Roy Westfehling with George Ross – Donald Trump’s Right Hand Man